I AM the Most POWERFUL Person in My Life

Are you tried of the three C’s; your cubical, your check, and your cup of coffee?  Are you tired of conforming to what everyone else does? Are you tried of putting all your creative into someone’s else dream?  

If you answered YES to either of the above questions then I have only one think to say to you.  

IT’S TIME YOU LEARN THE SECRET.  Someone forgot to tell you and I both this or maybe it was said but we didn’t get it. I want you to get it.  I want you to understand this one secret to you living live on your own terms.  Whether it’s in your personal, professional, or business life.  


Repeat ( three times)

I AM the Most POWERFUL Person in My Life!

I AM the Most POWERFUL Person in My Life!

I AM the Most POWERFUL Person in My Life!

I don’t know about you but I am tried of watching waiting, and asking for permission.  I am tried of being of service and obedient to everyone’s else cause.  I am tried of being apologetic to situations and circumstances that I NEVER had any control over.  I am tried of being angry at myself because of it.  

I DESERVE more and so do YOU!

I AM the Most POWERFUL Person in My Life!

I AM the Most POWERFUL Person in My Life!

I AM the Most POWERFUL Person in My Life!

Are you ready to end 2016 strong so you can begin 2017 READY and PREPARED!

Join me for the next 90 days as I share step by step by daily actions and preparation to DO IT MY WAY…by totally taking charge of MY LIFE, MY TIME, AND ME!  

You see the cubical, the check, and the cup of coffee GOT TO GO!  I AM kicking it out the door.  You are the only person who is stopping you from living your dream.  Yep, it’s you.  We can blame it on so many reasons and other people but the truth is; its YOU.  I am M – A – D ….MAD!

No more living from paycheck to paycheck…

ORDER is the word for the next 90 days.  

If you are REALLY READY TO MOVE FORWARD IN YOUR LIFE AND GOALS then join me.  Get your daily marching orders to move forward!  

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Now or Later

I am so thankful for my growth in life. I was #1 at procrastinating, starting stuff (not finishing), doing the fun part only, and after a while I would box it up and tell myself the lie, “I am coming back to it tomorrow or next week.” It never happened.

If procrastination were an Olympic sport when I was younger, I would have earned a gold medal. Yes, it was my biggest challenge in life. I joked about always being late, putting stuff off to the last minute and so on. The truth being told it was just me not wanting to complete what I started because I was either bored, lost interest, it was a mundane task, or I just did not want to be doing it. Either way, or regardless of my so-called reason, I was a PROCRASTINATOR!

I can’t even begin to tell you how many unfinished projects I had left undone. The cost of my procrastinating was high dollars $$$$. No Joke. Because I was going to always come back to ‘that thing’ so I would just go out and purchase new materials for my so-called new project which of course in my mind would get completed. NOPE.

Of course, I heard the old saying, “Why put off what you can complete today until tomorrow,” “just get it done.” I had my own reasons and it was always going to be done tomorrow. Plus, I always had an excuse. I never gave it a second thought because in my mind everything in my world was ALL GOOD.

Procrastination plain and simply put is, putting something off until later. The reason to me isn’t necessarily relevant. It is just carelessness or habitual laziness. You already know, in my mind “I WAS NOT LAZY.” I just had better things to do with my time. Even when I wasn’t doing anything with my self or time, how crazy, right?

I have to say I really thought nothing was wrong in my world. But something in me begins to notice my habit and how others begin to perceive me as a person not responsible. I did not like it.

So, today I want to share with you something’s I did to help me overcome procrastination. It was not easy and I had to learn to be consistent in my walk of overcoming. Really it was all a mindset change.

  1. First I begin to listen to some constructive criticism I was receiving in my professional life.   I realized that the thing I hated the most I would ALWAYS put off until last. I had to make a switch and do it first. Go Figure, Right!
  2. I also had to look at why I was procrastinating? This came down to me learning to manage my time better.
  3. Thirdly, I had to change my attitude which also meant I changed my commitment to completing what I started.

Today, I am all about can we just get it done. Why wait? I even get a little irritated (okay A LOT) by others who procrastinate.   It literally bothers me to no end those people who is always waiting to things at the last minute and they have an excuse just like I used too. How ironic?

I can honestly say I am more productive now that I have learned to not procrastinate.

I hope me sharing about one of my challenge in life will shine a light for your betterment.

Have an AMAZING day!



Why I Got Married.

Yup, it’s true. I got married……… myself, my purpose, my life. What am I talking about? I am talking about living life on my own terms.   We all encounter ups and downs in our life in almost every situation on a daily basis. But we have a choice. We have a choice on how we handle the situations. We have a choice on how we even handle ourselves. I had a choice. I had a choice about my life and yes I can tell you the sad sob stories I have encountered in life but I at this moment I’m choosing not to.

I spent a good portion of my 20s being angry, hurt, and disappointed by people. I was so lost in my emotions that I did not realize I was allowing people to run over me. I lost myself and did not have a clue WHO Ronda really was. Can anybody relate? I was so lost in my feelings and emotions that I did not even notice I was not taking care of me.

But I knew that there was more to life and I wanted more. I had no idea how to go about getting life, how to get the things that I desired for my life. It wasn’t about money. It was more about security, stability, and the freedom to be me, the freedom to go out and experience everything that life had to offer me.

So one day I woke up just going about my busy self as usual but little did I know my life would change forever. In 2012 I begin to see things differently and I so desired to have things differently. It was feeling, a taste, and an energy that I just could not shake. I knew life was changing for me. And I finally realize that it didn’t matter what people thought about me. It did not even matter if their thoughts were true or false.

What really matter was if I loved me. I realize I didn’t needed to be perfect in order for me to go out and make a difference in this world. Emotionally I was somewhat of a mess. I had to learn how to love me unconditionally before I can love anyone else. I just needed to take the risk and step out. So I did.

This meant letting go of the past, people and making some BIG changes. This is when I married my future, my purpose, and myself.   And I began to take care of myself. The first two things I began to do was:

  1. Learn to say NO to people and things that was not serving the direction of my purpose.
  2. I learned to carve out in my schedule time for me. I began to date me. Treat myself and learned to just be with myself in quiet.

People will always need you whether it’s the children, spouse, parents or whomever it may be. The pull is REAL but you taking care of yourself and learn how to love you is just as REAL.

So I ask you, when was the last time you treated yourself? Got a Pedi or manicure?   Or went to the spa? Maybe those aren’t your thing, it could be as simple as taking a walk, sitting on the porch, having movie night at home. But do something to refresh and to restore who you are as a person. Who you are as a WOMAN! Because before you can be a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter or an aunt you have to be a woman first. Take time out to find YOU.

YOU matter and the world needs you.

So I want to encourage you to please take care of you.

Love you.

Do I still struggle in some areas, of course I do? We all have a long way to go and that include me. Right now I am struggling with this weight. I will make the commitment to better me and do what I need to for a healthier me. I worked on my emotions and the inner parts of me now it is time to work on the physical part of me.

Life is so beautiful. Don’t miss it!



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I often hear people say, “ hurting people hurt people,” while this may have some truth to it. I understand a little about emotional damage and how one can inflict their hurt and pain on others without being aware of their own behavior.

This raises so many questions in my own head, why aren’t we getting it? If we were busy building each other up rather than tearing each other down then maybe we would not have to spend so much time in the mending process. Just saying.

What are your thoughts? What can you do today to help someone else?   I am not sharing this to brag, but to make a point. The point is sometimes it’s the small things that can make a difference in someone else’s life. It can possibly change the score of their whole situation just by receiving a smile or a friendly jester.

Sunday I returned home from traveling tired, hot, sweaty, and all I wanted to do was go take a shower and get in my bed. But, instead I went to the grocery store (the fridge was bare). As I was in the check out line there was a lady and child in line before me (this child was the cutest). I spoke to the cute child and proceed to place my items on the converter belt. The lady went to purchase her items and did not have enough left on her card to complete the process. She said, without hesitation to the cashier, could you please remove XYZ.

My thought at that very moment was I do not know this ladies situation and I really don’t need to know. But right now her pain point is not having enough for groceries. I politely said, to the lady please don’t remove anything from your purchase I will cover it. I did, she thanked me a couple of time and left. As, I was leaving I felt like I was to give her the cash in my wallet. I wasn’t a lot but I was obedience. I caught up with her as she was returning her cart and just walked up to her and placed the cash in her hand. She got a little emotional and asked if she could please hug me. We embraced and that beautiful cutie asked, is that your Mom. The lady said no, I chuckled and went on.

My point is we can all make a difference in each other’s life daily. We can all partake in the mending of the broken. So will be receptive and so will not. You cannot help everyone but you can start with little acts of kindness.

What little act of kindness will you do this week to help mend our world?




Hello there,

Do you have a minute?  I would love your feedback on my eBook?  I am currently working on my third book and just want to know what it is you would like to read?

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really enjoyed writing Empowered: Living in the Strength of More.  I wrote this because I related to how you can get stuck in your own head living in our hyper-speed world. Losing the very thing in life we are here to enjoy. I truly work hard each day to ensure I am living life to the fullest and have balance.  I am really intentional in taking charge of my life, one challenge at time to help me with balancing it all.  

Just last week on Wednesday evening I was running errands after working all day and decided it had been a while since I had been to the movie.  I was in the mall dropping off my watch for repair.  So, guess what I did.  I went to the movie by myself and had a blast.  Me, myself, and I (of course the nachos joined me).  

Well, I promised to keep it short. The short message is in discovering my true self and the truth about me as a person and as a woman I need to take breaks.  It doesn’t have to always be planned.  Sometimes you just need to go to the movie because you CAN! You were born for greatest and choose today to be mindful of balance in your life.   

What area in your life do you need to be more mindful of? Or maybe its just you showing up in your own life and being present. 

I challenge you to take charge of your life! I AM!

P.S.  Please let me know how my eBook, Empowered: Living in the Strength of More resonated with you.  I would love to hear from you.  

SO, email me at with feedback. 



Soul Searching Sunday.

Hey, do you remember when you were a kid and you use to say when I grow up I am going to be ___________________(fill in the blank). Are you doing that now. What changed? Why?

I will answer first. When I was a kid I use to say I wanted to be a teacher. It did not change but it is not in the same format as I envisioned it. As a child I thought I would be in the school system on the black board (technology was not in the picture back then..LOL) with chalk in hand just teaching and illustrating away.

Well, I am still a teacher. I am a teacher of Life, Empowerment, and Purpose.

What did you dream of being when you grew up?

I encourage you to live life with purpose.  YOU were put on this earth to live and achieve your greatest self.  It is NEVER too late to follow your dreams.  So get MOVING!  Join me in living life to the fullest.

Bless Journey!



In everything there is always an opportunity to learn from it, even if it wasn’t intended for you. A couple of Friday’s ago I sat in a meeting for over two hours. The whole time I was in this meeting my mind kept telling me the invite I received may have been sent to me in error. The material being covered had nothing to do with my day-to-day operation but at best it was very interesting. I decided to really focus on the presentation. The content being presented had some great concepts on classroom etiquette from a teacher’s position. Breaking down times allotments for full engagement in the classroom. I knew I would gleam from this information and would think through the process being present to best serve my community. I began to really evaluate how I could apply each of the concepts to my life personally and professionally. I took notes and really watched, as live demonstrations were being presented along side the PowerPoint presentation.

About two hours in the presenter gave the class a break and I realize I had another appointment across town and did not want to be late. I politely excused myself and made my apology to the presenter. Her exact statement was, “ I never intended for you to receive the email for this training. I apology for taking up your time when you could have been working on so many other things.”

Well, in my opinion I was supposed to be present and my time was well used. FREEBIE for me!

My lesson:

Always be open. Be open to receive un-intended opportunities. Be open to opportunities that help you grow and think through processes. Be open to opportunities that can improve your mission, who you are, and your business. Even though something may not be intended for you (in someone else view or even your own) does not mean you can’t gleam something from it. If it is not intended for you but…you just so happened to get an invitation…BE OPEN TO IT.  You might get a big blessing from it.

Bless Journey!

Love Ronda.


Who’s plan are you following?

Nothing in your past is equal to your present. People (dream killers) will always try to remind you of your past. Your past is just what it is your past. I have made plenty of mistakes in my life but the beauty in all of it is “I have grown” from my experiences.

Just recently someone made a statement wanting to remind me how I came from such a dysfunctional childhood. So WHAT? People will always try to interact their own emotional struggles into your current situation if you allow them.

I am proud of my past because it has made me the person I have grown to today. I know without a doubt, “I AM ENOUGH

So, today I say to you EMBRACE your past, understand it is your past not your future. Understand yep, there is good, there is better, but there is also BEST and a higher standard for us than other people’s plan.

John Rohn said, “ If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? NOT MUCH.

Today do not concern yourself with your past, do not concern yourself with the plans of others (theirs or what they plan for you). YOU ARE ABOVE THE ORDINARY! Take time out today and make your plan. Write the vision.

I challenge you today “DARE TO BELIEVE IN YOU” and “TRUST GOD”   Write your vision today. Birth your Dream. Believe in YOUR future. MAKE A PLAN!

Bless Journey!

Love Ronda.

Can I just say this:

Strong people do not put others down; they lift them up. Strong people do not walk around whispering in the corner about others; they check themselves. They are confident. They are evolving daily. Always looking for opportunity to grow. They do not spend their time nor energy in mess or drama. They know the difference between making a life and making a living. They are brave and courageous. Strong people learn from their mistakes. Strong people care for others. Strong people forgive and they are humble. Even with tears in their eyes they keep it moving.

Just my thoughts for today. Be bless and appreciate the strong people in your life. And if God made you a strong person embrace it.

Strong people need to know you appreciate them too!

♥ Bless Journey,




Hey Y’all it’s Tuesday and I have been hard at work. I value time and work very hard to balance my schedule and ensure I am not late. My word is my honor and I hate to be late. Me setting a time with you is because I honor your time as well.

So what pisses me off is people who are always late and have a million excuses as to why they are late. If you are LATE you are LATE. Just make your apology and stop using up more of my time giving me some lame excuse.

So what pisses you off this Tuesday!

Bless Journey!

Love Ronda.